Indoor Air Quality Articles

Why Do I Need a Humidifier in the Fall?

October 18, 2021
Humidifiers in the fall

Fall is a beautiful time of the year—but it comes with a drop in humidity levels. If you’re concerned about the humidity change and want to enhance your comfort inside your Erie home, installing a humidifier is an excellent option.

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How Can You Manage Your Home’s Humidity?

July 15, 2021
How Can You Manage Your Home’s Humidity?

At Nerthling’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we always strive to find ways to improve your comfort and energy savings. We believe you should control your comfort, and it starts with your indoor air quality (IAQ) and relative indoor humidity.

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Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

June 18, 2021
Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality, Old electric fan near the bed in the room

At Nerthling’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that add value to your home and enjoyment to your lives. After all, nothing spells happiness like fresh air.

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Air Filters vs. Air Cleaners

March 24, 2021

Our team at Nerthling’s Heating and Air Conditioning, along with many manufacturers of air filtration and air purification products, are working to provide tools to help you ensure clean indoor air for you and your family. Here are some details about currently available solutions.

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Why Is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Important?

February 9, 2021

Energy-efficient homes are more common than ever. Although they provide many benefits, including reducing overall energy usage and a smaller carbon footprint, they come with some disadvantages as well. 

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