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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality & Air Purification
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While it’s impossible to completely eliminate every source of contamination from the home, you can greatly improve the quality of breathing air through proactive measures.  As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Nerthling’s Heating and Air Conditioning offers our customers proven and cost-effective solutions to air quality concerns.  Our team is NATE-certified and factory trained, qualifying us to accurately analyze your home environment, pinpoint problem areas, and offer informed recommendations.

We care about your indoor air quality!

We won’t convince you to take a product for the sake of the sale.  We believe in the systems we promote and treat your home like our home.  The specialists from Nerthling’s Heating and Air Conditioning suggest the exact same steps they would and do take to protect the well-being of their own families.  Our goal is to create a comfortable, efficient, and healthy home environment through the highest quality products and service.  We are always available to discuss your concerns and explain options.

Your furnace and central air system are extremely helpful when it comes to filtering contaminants from your home environment.  Unfortunately, biological and chemical pollutants such as mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens, odors, smoke, and other concerns are often microscopic and easily pass through even the most efficient filters.  As homeowners take extra steps to tighten the home envelope, the introduction of fresh air is restricted, and harmful microorganisms are trapped inside.  Studies performed by the EPA have linked indoor air pollution and stale air to health issues such as allergies, headaches, rashes, and respiratory problems.  While you may hope to retreat inside for relief from asthma and allergies, the air quality of your home may actually aggravate symptoms.

When it comes to destroying harmful pollutants, whole-home air purifiers are effective weapons.  Integrated into almost any HVAC system, air purifiers are available in a range of sizes, types, and price ranges.  These systems not only maintain clean indoor air, they promote superior operation from your heating and cooling equipment, reducing maintenance costs.  The award-winning Infinity Series air purifier goes way beyond filtration, using Captures and Kills Technology to re-purify circulated indoor air as many as eight times per hour.  The Performance Series air purifier is an economical choice, designed to fit narrower installation spaces, without giving up on rewards.  The Comfort Series EZ Flex Cabinet air filter maintains a flow of clean air throughout the home, providing an affordable solution to improved Indoor Air Quality.

Taking advantage of the same UV wavelengths as the sun to destroy and deactivate biological and chemical contaminants, Sanuvox UV systems sterilize airborne bacteria, allergens, and microorganisms.  You’ll enjoy cleaner breathing air, as well as superior performance and lowered maintenance costs from your HVAC system.  Installed in your central air system, germicidal UV lights kill mold that thrives inside an HVAC system, strangling system efficiency, reducing blower life, and requiring expensive cleaning with chemicals.  Reducing concentrations of airborne bioaerosols by fifty percent within 45 minutes, this technology is frequently utilized in hospitals.


Nerthling’s Heating and Air Conditioning offers a wide range of rewarding services and products to combat indoor air pollution.  Through proper diagnosis, quality products, and accurate installation, our licensed professionals maximize results.  You’ll breathe easier, feel better, and enjoy complete peace of mind.

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