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Lennox Packaged Units


Lennox® packaged units are an all-in-one heating and cooling solution that’s idea for homes built on a crawlspace instead of a basement. The units have a compact footprint that allows for a quick installation and blends in with your outdoor environment. Designed with convenience in mind, the units can be installed on a rooftop or outside your home, connecting to your ductwork through a secure opening in the wall.

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Lennox LRP16GE packaged unit.


Lennox LRP16HP packaged unit.


Lennox LRP14GE packaged unit.


Lennox LRP14DF packaged unit.


Lennox LRP14HP packaged unit.


Lennox LRP14AC packaged unit.


LRP16GE Packaged Gas/Electric Unit

Lennox LRP16GE packaged unit.

Compact high-efficiency packaged unit for residential applications.

Energy-saving comfort and efficiency

With efficiency ratings of 81% AFUE and 16.00 SEER the LRP16GE is as efficient as it is versatile. So you can adjust your thermostat based on your comfort-not on your energy bills.

Breathe easy with healthier, cleaner air

A Healthy Climate® air purification accessory is available that helps make your home healthier by destroying chemical vapors and odors from sources like cooking fumes, pets, cleaning supplies, paints and solvents, and carpeting and upholstery. It attacks these volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using a process called photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), which combines UVA light technology and a proprietary catalyst.

Comfort you can feel but not hear

An internally mounted fan helps to keep operating sounds to a minimum, so you’ll hardly know the LRP16GE is running.

Designed for durability and built to last

The LRP16GE is made from the highest quality materials to ensure season after season of reliable and efficient operation. Its rugged design also includes steel louvered coil protection for added durability.

Discreet, streamlined and simple to install

The LRP16GE has a compact footprint that allows for quick installation and blends in seamlessly with your outdoor environment.

LRP16HP Packaged Heat Pump

Lennox LRP16HP packaged unit.

Compact, high-efficiency packaged heat pump.

Heating and cooling in one compact unit

Perfect for homes built on a crawlspace, instead of a basement, the LRP16HP combines heating and cooling functions in one compact and streamlined cabinet.

Year-round comfort and energy efficiency

No matter what the season, the LRP16HP works efficiently and effectively to maintain year-round comfort and energy savings. With a 16 SEER efficiency rating, the LRP16HP may qualify for money-saving rebates and incentives, lowering your monthly utility bills.

Two-stage operation for more consistent temperatures

The LRP16HP’s two-stage compressor delivers more even temperatures, enhanced dehumidification and reduced energy consumption for lower operating costs.

Healthier, cleaner air

A Healthy Climate® air purification accessory is available that improves indoor air quality by removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and lingering odors, using advanced photocatalytic oxidation (POC) technology.

The perfect balance of convenience and comfort

Quiet and efficient, the LRP16HP’s variable-speed fan reduces drafts in your home, controls humidity levels and improves indoor air quality.

LRP14GE Packaged Gas/Electric Unit

Lennox LRP14GE packaged unit.

Compact packaged unit for virtually any application.

A smart choice for comfort and efficiency

The LRP14GE offers year-round comfort with advanced components, such as a tubular heat exchanger that operates with exceptional efficiency.

Sound engineering throughout

An internally mounted fan helps reduce vibrations and keep operating sounds at a minimum. It also makes the units easier to service.

Ready for all kinds of weather

The LRP14GE gives you the best of both worlds: gas heating when it’s cold outside and electric cooling when it’s hot. That means you can stay perfectly comfortable all year long.

Compact design that looks great next to your home

The LRP14GE has a compact footprint that allows quick installation and integrates cleanly with your outdoor environment.

Every component is built to last

A scroll compressor at the heart of the LRP14GE allows smooth, reliable and energy-efficient operation. A steel louver guard helps keep the LRP14GE running at peak efficiency, while also offering protection from the elements.

LRP14DF Packaged Dual-Fuel System

Lennox LRP14DF packaged unit.

Compact residential packaged dual-fuel system.

Two heat sources in one

The LRP14DF is a dual-fuel packaged unit that seamlessly alternates between gas and electricity, depending on outdoor conditions.

Perfect combination of comfort and efficiency

With two options for heating, you never have to choose between comfort and energy efficiency.

As quiet as it is efficient

An internally mounted outdoor fan reduces operation noise, so you’ll hardly know your unit is running.

Durability built in

An enhanced louver guard protects the working parts of the LRP14DF, so you can take comfort knowing your unit will run efficiently in any weather.

Exceptionally consistent operation

A scroll compressor at the heart of the LRP14DF allows smooth, reliable and energy-efficient operation. A tubular heat exchanger warms air with exceptional efficiency.

LRP14HP Packaged Heat Pump

Lennox LRP14HP packaged unit.

Compact residential packaged heat pump.

One unit that does it all

Perfect for homes in moderate climates, the LRP14HP combines three functions in one compact package. It heats, it cools, and it sends conditioned air indoors.

All-season comfort and efficiency

In hot weather, the LRP14HP efficiently draws heat from the air inside and moves it outdoors. In cooler months, it works in reverse, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

Always quiet, always reliable

The LRP14HP’s scroll compressor operates more quietly than conventional piston-type compressors. An internally mounted fan also helps minimize sound levels.

Rugged protection against the elements

A condenser works with the scroll compressor to cool and dehumidify air passing through the system. A steel louvered guard protects the coil from weather and helps keep it working efficiently.

LRP14AC Packaged Cooling System

Lennox LRP14AC packaged unit.

Compact residential packaged air conditioner.

Ideal for warm regions

If you live in a warmer climate, choose the all-electric LRP14AC packaged air conditioner. It provides all the cooling you need in one compact system.

Highly efficient and dependable

Even the harshest heat is no match for the LRP14AC. It keeps your home comfortable and efficient with a dependable scroll compressor, the unit’s cooling engine.

Your unit is protected

A condenser works with the scroll compressor to cool and dehumidify air passing through the system. A steel louvered guard protects the condenser coil from weather and helps keep it working efficiently.

Perfectly quiet components

A high-quality blower motor works quietly to distribute cool air throughout your home. An internally mounted fan also helps keep operating sounds at a minimum.

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When I call Nerthling’s they are on time and do awesome work! My hot water tank broke over this holiday weekend. I had a furnace check scheduled and found out they did hot water tanks and by late afternoon I was back in business!

Kathy B.

Kathy B.

This was my first time working with Nerthling's and it was a great experience. They told me who was showing up to my home and when, provided quick and accurate diagnosis of my furnace issue and gave me all of my options to resolve the issue…

Vincent H.

Vincent H.

I was impressed from the beginning to the end. Very good and honest company with professional workers. 5 stars! Highly recommend!

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Caroline P.

Every technician I’ve ever had from Nerthling's has been wonderful. Courteous, knowledgeable and professional. Their prices are reasonable and customer service is outstanding.

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Dawn C.

Great company. Fast service and very professional. I would definitely recommend this company to my family and friends.

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